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Very limited numbers of issues 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8, previously listed as sold out have recently come to light. Because of their rarity these copies cost more than regular back issues. If you are interested in purchasing any of these issues, please contact the Editor, who will be happy to negotiate a price with you.


Thirty-Seven: Issue 37 includes translations from Dutch and Spanish, and poems from all around the United States as well as Holland, Spain, Bermuda, Dominica, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. Visually, the magazine is graced by a cover image of the beautiful fiber art of Cookie Washington.

Thirty-Six: Issue 36 includes the work of more than 30 poets from the US and around the world, including poems by St. Lucian poet John Robert Lee, and translations from Arabic, Greek, and Spanish. Visually, the magazine is graced by the spectacular photography of Guinean-Swiss artist Namsa Leuba.

Thirty-Five: Dedicated to the "Queen of the Small Presses," Lyn Lifshin, issue 35 includes the work of poets from the US, UK, Mexico and Spain, as well as artwork by Charleston-based artist Colin Quashie from his series "Linked."

Thirty-Four: Issue 34 includes Illuminations' usual wide range of poems and translations from the United States and around the world, and features photographs from Michelle Van Parys's "Beyond the Plantations: Images of the New South."

Thirty-Three: Issue 33 includes a special feature on Cuba, with poems by Gustavo Perez Firmat, Carolina Hospital, Juan Padron, Felipe Lazaro, and others, as well as song-lyrics by Luis Barberia, and art-work by Roberto Diago, introduced by Elvis Fuentes.

Thirty-Two (Summer '18): special South African issue guest-edited and introduced by award-winning South African poet Kobus Moolman; features work by South Africa's leading English-language poets, including Ingrid de Kok, Mxolisi Nyezwa, Vonani Bila, Kelwyn Sole, Joan Metelerkamp, Mkhosazana Xaba, Angifi Dladla, Julia Martin, Gabeba Baderoon, and many more. Interviews with Lesego Rampolokeng, and Witty Nyide, as well as three linocuts by Ms Nyide.

Thirty-One (Summer '16): poems and prose-pieces addressing the mass shooting at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston in June 2015 and race relations more generally. Writers featured include South Carolina Poet Laureate Marjory Wentworth, and other local writers (Matthew Foley, Marcus Amaker, Derek Berry, et al.), as well as British author Colin Grant. The issue also includes a previously unpublished interview with Seamus Heaney recorded in 1984.

Thirty (Summer '15): Poetry from the United States and around the world; translations from Bulgarian, Portuguese, and Spanish; and previously unpublished interviews with Michael Hamburger, J. Chester Johnson, and Tom Paulin.

Twenty-Nine (Summer '13): Special Greek issue, including work by Lili Bita, Manya Bean, Nicholas Alexiou, Nikiforos Vrettakos, Basil Rouskas, Tasos Leivaditis, Adonis Fostieris, and many more.

Twenty-Eight (Summer '12): Featuring poems by Ruth Schwartz, Simon Perchik, Patricia Nelson and many more. Translated works of Casimiro de Brito and Koh Jung-hee, and photography by Lisa Jones Atkins.

Twenty-Seven (Summer '11): Including poems by American, British, Ecuadorian, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Spanish, Nigerian, South African, and Zimbabwean writers and featuring artwork by David Stern.

Twenty-Six (Summer '10): Including new poems by American, British, Chinese, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, South African, and Zimbabwean writers, and featuring previously unpublished poems by Dennis Brutus. Cover design by Erin Perkins.


Twenty-Five (Summer '09): Featuring new writing from Zimbabwe by Ignatius Mabasa, Tinashe Mushakavanhu, Tinashe Muchuri, Julius Chingono, Charles Mungoshi, John Eppel, Chris Magadza, Rumbi Katedza and photography by Alice Keeney and much, much more. Cover design by Erin Perkins.

Twenty- Four (Summer '08): Featuring poets from Argentina, Great Britain, Mexico, South Africa, United States, and photography by Donna Hurt.

Twenty-Three (Summer '07): Featuring work by Brenda Marie Osbey, Neil Curry, Damian Garside, Allan Kolski Horwitz, Laura Bernstein-Machlay, and Doug Ramspeck, with dignified portraits of New Orleanians by Harold Baquet.

Twenty-Two (Summer '06): Featuring poems by Rudolph Muller, Ernst Mirville, Denize Lauture, Felix Morisseau-Leroy, Frank Etienne, Paul Laraque, and Michel-Ange Hyppolite, "Vanishing Sky," a new story by Madison Smartt Bell, and artwork by Maxo Lauture.

Twenty-One (Summer '05): 21st bumper issue with writers from Canada, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Malawi, Namibia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Trinidad, and the United States; images unlimited by time or space; photography by Michelle Van Parys. sold out

Twenty (Summer '04): 80th birthday tribute to Dennis Brutus, featuring tributes and poems from Nadine Gordimer, Desmond Tutu, Martin Espada, Keith Gottschalk, Tanure Ojaide, Grant Farred, Bernth Lindfors, Allan Kolski Horwitz, Gabeba Baderoon, and many more. Photographs by David Goldblatt; cover portrait by Peta Kaplan. sold out

Nineteen (Summer '03): Work by Kwame Dawes, Geri Doran, Alan Britt. Photographs by Simon Norfolk. Translations from Spanish (Miguel Hernandez and Eduardo Zepeda-Henríquez) and Afrikaans (Wilma Stockenström).

Eighteen (Summer '02): Work by Caryl Phillips, Neil Curry, Ryan G. Van Cleave. Photographs by Nancy Santos and artwork by Larry Lebby. Translations from Bulgarian (Nikolai Kantchev), Spanish (Clara Janes, Marta Kornblith, and others), and Romanian (Victor Gelbtrunk).

Seventeen (Summer '01): New work from Cuba and Latin America-- poems by Virgil Suarez, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Klaus de Albuquerque, and others, photographs by Craig Barber and Kimberly Narenkivicius

Sixteen (Summer '00): "Vietnamese Voices, American Views"--poems by Lam Thi My Da, Nguyen Quang Thieu, Linh Dinh, Song Tam, and others, photographs by Craig Barber, interviews with Craig Barber and Tim O'Brien.


Fifteen (Summer '99): Poems by Paul Allen, Barbara Hardy, Martin Espada; pictures by Mustafah Dhada, Guy Beining, and Mark Wilby.

Fourteen (Summer '98): New writing from South and southern Africa--work by Dennis Brutus, Jeremy Cronin, Jack Mapanje, Taban lo Liyong, Ivan Vladislavic, and Marlene van Niekerk; interview with Athol Fugard; pictures by Cecil Skotnes and Peter Clarke.

Thirteen (Summer '97): Stephen Spender memorial issue--memoirs by Robert Dana, Francis King, poems by Barbara Hardy, Peter Porter, Michael Hamburger, portraits by Hockney and Dominique Nabokov.

Twelve (Summer '93): David Gascoyne translation Eluard’s poem, “Balthus;” translation from Miklos Radnoti; poems from Great Britain, the United States, South Africa, Botswana, Europe, and New Zealand.

Eleven (Summer '92): Tenth birthday special featuring Zulfikar Ghose, Dannie Abse, Connie Bensley, Carole Satyamurti, James Kirkup, Jon Stallworthy, Kevin Crossley-Holland, and more. Cover and artwork by Mai Thomas.

Ten (Summer '91): Poems by Stephen Devereux, Tony Roberts, Duncan Chambers, Marco Lodoli, and more.

Nine (Summer '90): East and Southern African special issue, including poems and prose by Ingrid de Kok, Jack Mapanje, M. J. Vassanji, Remmy Ongala, and others.


Eight (Summer '89): Special South African issue, featuring Don Mattera, Dennis Brutus, Andries Oliphant, and many others; cover design by Hilda Bernstein. sold out

Seven (Autumn '88): Poems and prose by Carol Rumens, Glyn Maxwell, Carole Satyamurti, Carlos Drummond, and a second Romanian feature.

Six (Spring '88): Poems by Connie Bensley, Martyn Crucefix, Bernard O’Donoghue, Anthony Thwaite, and others; engraving by Paul Hawdon.

Five (Spring '87): “Two Generations of Romanian Poetry,” facsimile letters from Ezra Pound to Thomas Carter. sold out

Four (Spring '85): James Merrill, Allen Tate, Padriac Fiacc, Brian Patten, Roger McGough, Carol Anne Duffy.

Three (Spring '84): Stephen Spender’s 75th birthday special—Susan Sontag, Joseph Brodsky, Tom Stoppard, W. H. Auden’s “Love Letter.” sold out

Two (Spring '83): Letters from Flannery O’Connor to Sally Fitzgerald; poems by Roy Fuller, Sam Boone. sold out

One (Autumn '82): Allen Tate, James Dickey, Seamus Heaney, Seamus Deane, Stephen Spender, Sam Boon. sold out